Wewelsiep Asipowicz Forsting Partnerschaft mbB

Mews House Conversion

Prenzlauer Allee 193, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

Work stages: 1-8

The site is a typical turn-of-the-century residential block with three courtyards. In 1909 a mews house was built at the back of the third courtyard pressed between party walls on three sides.

Before the conversion, the building was in fairly poor condition and only the garages were in use. The building was to be converted into a quiet office.

The garage doors were replaced with terrace windows with a timber deck in front. Free-standing sanitary blocks were installed on all the floors, the staircase extended into the basement and a new entrance created for the ground floor. The fa├žade was repaired; window openings were restored to their original sizes and the brickwork cleaned and repaired.

Completion: 2001