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Planning submissions for wind parks


Work stages 1-4

Organisation of planning submissions for wind parks.

A planning submission for a wind park is a complex balance between maximising energy production for a given site on the one hand and inevitable local resistance and potentially affecting natural habitats for protected species on the other. A multitude of expert reports and protracted negotiations are inevitable.

Plannning permission for 3 wind turbines (Vesta V47, 660 kW, hub height=76 m, rotor Ø 47 m) in Zehlendorf Oberhavel, Oranienburg. Application 2000, construction 2003

Plannning permission for 10 wind turbines (Fuhrländer FL77, 1500 kW, hub height= 77 m, rotor Ø 111.5 m) in Dretzen, Potsdam-Mittelmark. Application 2003, construction 2005