Wewelsiep Asipowicz Forsting Partnerschaft mbB

Furniture and Interiors

Berlin and Brandenburg

Work stages: 1-8

For numerous projects, WAF have designed built-in furniture such as wardrobes, cupboards, chests of drawers, etc. as well as built-in kitchens. The designs are specific to the client and the building and are the result of close work with the joiners or other craftsmen. Designs go down to the tiniest detail such as the grip on a cupboard door. The materials employed are dependent on the use and the place; in the past we have typically used natural wood, high quality laminates or French polishes.

Coca-Cola Lounge:

Interior fitting out including design of all built-in and some loose furniture. Wall panelling and furniture was developed together with the joiner, upholsterer and electrical contractor. Emphasis was placed on the use of relatively few materials of high quality, e.g. the Zebrano wood veneers for the flooring and built-in furniture, as wells as the tables. Red, the trade mark colour of Coca-Cola, was used as the only bright colour in the interiors and is found in the club chairs and the magazine library niches. Leatherette in a neutral grey colour was used for extensive wall panelling and for the sofas in the chill out area. The wall panelling was designed to hide many things: flat screens, indirect lighting, loudspeakers, cupboards, etc.

Coca-Cola Video Conference Room:

In this project, a room was converted primarily for video conferencing use. The blue-grey walls provide the best background colour for healthy looking skin tones on camera. The Zebrano wood veneered wall panels conceal the equipment and provide the necessary sound absorbers necessary for good room acoustics. The plectrum shape of the table was designed to give as many participants as possible a good view of the screen and the camera of the participants. This works much better than the standard rectangular conference table. A panel in the middle of the table provides power, data and microphone connections. Varnished black MDF was used for the top and brushed stainless steel for the legs.

Coca-Cola Meeting Rooms:

Existing meeting rooms were given a makeover. WAF designed display shelves with back lighting to show off the latest ranges of drinks products. New colours, beamer screens and whiteboard systems were introduced. Graphics for the walls were developed together with an ad agency.

Generator Hostel Offices:

Due to a tight budget and an interest in recycling, the ceiling to Generator’s administrative offices made use of old grid ceiling lights from the offices which previously occupied the building. Containers for the lights in different sizes make a lively 3-dimensinal ceiling.

Suprema offices:

WAF used varnished black MDF for its furniture designs for a conference table, office desks and shelf systems.