Wewelsiep Asipowicz Forsting Partnerschaft mbB

Re-Cladding and Upgrade of Social Housing


Work stages: 1-3, 5

Design, working drawings and colour concepts for the revamping of social housing in East Berlin. The modernisation consisted of the re-cladding of the blocks and changes to the entrances and staircases. WAF were contracted by ASA Stadtplanung und Architektur, Berlin.


Balatonstraße 54-68, Berlin-Friedrichsfelde

Rosenfelder Ring 65-99,125-147, Berlin-Lichtenberg

Alt-Friedrichsfelde 44-48, Berlin-Friedrichsfelde

Franz-Mett-Straße 6,8,10, Berlin-Friedrichsfelde

Franz-Mett-Straße 12,14,16, Berlin-Friedrichsfelde

Josef-Orlopp-Straße 15A-E,17-31, Vulkanstraße 50-57, Berlin-Lichtenberg

Planning: 1997-1998

Client: Prima Wohnbauten Privatisierungs-Managment GmbH Lichtenberg