Wewelsiep Asipowicz Forsting Partnerschaft mbB

Residential Refurbishment

Crane Court, City of London

Work stages: 1-8

Studio flat refurbishment

The studio flat is in a purpose-built 1930’s block in the City of London. At the time flats were designed to be used by travelling court judges; in effect hotel rooms with a bathroom but no kitchen – only a cupboard with facilities to make a cup of coffee.

The flat was re-planned to include a mini kitchen, custom-made from stainless steel, and despite its mini size includes a full-size fridge, washer-dryer, microwave, hob and adequate storage space. The bathroom was converted into a wet room thereby creating a generous shower area. Floor and walls were tiled with glass mosaic.

The flat was re-wired and new timber floors were laid. It was furnished with a mix of designer and vintage furniture,

Completion: 2004